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Voyage Management Made Easy

Experience and customize the most comprehensive Vessel Reporting and Voyage Optimization Suite

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Our Journey From BOSS to BOND

Efficient and error-free voyage management is essential for seamless maritime operations. We have spent the last decade, closely collaborating with various maritime stakeholders to solve the complex challenges of voyage optimization and validated reporting through BOSS. Now, after years of continuous refinement, we are delighted to introduce our services to a broader audience through BOND - BOSS on Demand. BOND is a self-service platform to access and customize our voyage optimization and reporting suite that is trusted by industry leaders including oil majors, charterers and ship owners.


Blue Water optimization solutions have helped charterers and ship owners realize substantial fuel and carbon savings

30482 +

Voyage Optimised

509 kt

Fuel Saved

1576 kt

CO2 Emission Reduction

$ 224 M

Dollars Saved

Vessel Reporting and Monitoring

BOND uses MIRROR for accelerated and validated vessel noon reporting. Noon report data serves as the basis for all post voyage reports and voyage performance analysis, in commercial shipping operations. BOND ensures this data goes through several layers of validation before any critical decisions are made using it. An interactive, vessel specific HTML form is sent out to the vessel which has several client side validations to prevent erroneous data entry at the very source. Once the MIRROR form is received via a secure email server, the noon data goes through several server side validation layers which create a discrepancy report handled by BOND operators. Read more to see how MIRROR ensures reliable reporting and performance analytics in BOND.


Vessel Performance Analysis

BOND goes beyond voyage planning and management! The validated noon data combined with analyzed weather is used for deriving insights about vessel performance which can assist vessel operators to take decisions about hull cleaning, engine and propeller maintenance. Our data-analytics toolkit analyzes the relationships between engine load, fuel consumption, RPM and speed to understand the current and historic vessel performance trend.

Emissions Analysis and Compliance

Various stakeholders in the marine industry are aligning their efforts to drastically reduce marine emissions by 2050. To achieve this goal, regulations such as CII, SCC, EU-ETS and IMO-DCS have been introduced for standardized calculation and reporting of emissions data. BOND not only ensures compliance to these guidelines, but also provides optimization tools for achieving the target emission reduction for your fleet. With best-in-class data validation, consolidation and optimization tools, BOND serves as a one-stop solution for managing your fleets’ emissions.


Fleet Monitoring, Visualization and Maritime Tools

Gain complete visibility of your fleet with the latest vessel positions from aggregated terrestrial, dynamic and SAT-AIS data. BOND’s time-tested visualization screen offers several maritime layers including weather, sea currents, nautical charts and restricted areas to gain complete control over your fleet. With tools such as geo-fences, get real-time alerts whenever a vessel enters a marked area.

Voyage Optimization

Unlike traditional weather routing services, our algorithm exhaustively explores all possible speed and course combinations to decide the most optimal voyage plan under the constraints of the agreed CP terms and safe navigation guidelines. We have a proven track record of an average 5-7% fuel savings against a transparent voyage benchmarking system.